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Care & Maintenance

If you look after your worktops, they will last a lifetime.

Granite & Quartz

We do not recommend putting hot pans onto any of the granite and quartz surfaces, or cutting directly onto the stone. Although you might not be able to see any issue, you can cause irreparable damage within the stone.

We recommend using hot soapy water & a soft cloth to clean your worktops. Tougher stains may require Cif cleaner, and a bit of elbow grease. We do not recommend using anything abrasive or chemical based on your worktops.

Here are some PDFs you might find helpful if you are considering granite or quartz worktops, or would like more information about caring for them:

Care instructions for Granite

Care instructions for Quartz



As the softer of the natural stones, marble is more susceptible to staining and etching which is why it is not recommended for use in a kitchen environment.

A neutral or mildly alkaline (8-10pH) solution of soap and water should be used to clean marble surfaces.

Bleach and acids should be kept away from marble as these products corrode the stone irrevocably.


DuPont™ Corian®

As a synthetic material any standard household cleaners can be used on DuPont™ Corian® without fear of damaging your work surfaces. Always clean using a circular motion and if a mark needs more attention use a mild abrasive cleaner such as Barkeeper's Friend.

Care instructions for DuPont™ Corian®



Although Dekton is extremely scratch resistant, it is recommended that you use a chopping/cutting board. Cutting with knives will leave marks called "metal transfer" which can be removed, but it is easier to use a board instead. Dekton will also blunt your knives. Please see this PDF for full care instructions:

Care instructions for Dekton (PDF)



Neolith is a highly performing material resistant to stains, heat, UV rays, scratches, and more. Follow these care instructions to maintain your worktops:

Care instructions for Neolith (PDF)