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16 May 2022

Kaelo - integrated wine cooler welcomed to our showroom!

In March, we had the pleasure of fabricating the Caesarstone quartz for Kaelo's stand at the KBB show in Birmingham. The island in particular looked slightly bizarre in the factory - lots of holes in a large island! This is the stone during installation at the show: It all made ... (click to read more)

26 Apr 2022

New Supplier: Technistone!

We are really excited to announce a new brand we are working with to supply quartz! Technistone is a producer of engineered stone, based in Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. They have a huge range of colours and designs, meaning there is something suitable for everyone. As a fabricator, ... (click to read more)

28 Mar 2022

What to expect at your World of Marble Showroom visit?

Choosing the right worktop for you and your space is a huge decision, which sometimes can’t be decided by viewing just a small sample of quartz. By visiting our World of Marble Showroom in Langar, you can view most of our Royal Collection Quartz on a full-size slab, which ... (click to read more)

15 Mar 2022

KBB 2022

We were so excited to work with Caesarstone and Kaelo for the exhibition stands at KBB this year! KBB 2022 was our 4th exhibition with Caesarstone, and we were absolutely honoured to work with them to introduce their new range of Porcelain slabs, as well as their new collection ... (click to read more)

04 Mar 2022

Which Material Should You Choose?

When deciding what material to put in your kitchen, or bathroom, there are lots of options to choose from which can make the process a lot harder. This idea of this blog is to break down the pros and cons of each material, to try and make the decision ... (click to read more)

03 Feb 2022

Quartz Kitchen Worktops: Everything you need to know

Quartz Kitchen Worktops: everything you need to know Article by CRL Stone With an abundance of kitchen worktop material available on the market, quartz is one of the fastest growing, and increasingly the favoured choice for many homeowners and interior designers. It’s easy to understand why – the wide range of ... (click to read more)

18 Jan 2022

New Year, New Royal Collection Colours!

The New Year means new colours added to our Royal Collection. We want to ensure we can offer something that is suitable for everyone and complimentary to every style of home. All our Royal Collection quartz are hard wearing, hygienic and stain resistant – making them the ideal material to ... (click to read more)

08 Dec 2021

Completely Customisable Worktops

When you buy worktops from World of Marble, we cut them to your exact requirements. This gives you the opportunity to create completely bespoke worktops, not just off-the-shelf designs. The only thing you are limited by is your budget and the slab size of your chosen material! For this kitchen ... (click to read more)

04 Nov 2021

Top 5 Reasons why you should choose Quartz for your kitchen worktop

Your kitchen worktops are one of the most important surfaces in your home. They need to be visually appealing as well as being functional. But how do you choose between granite, quartz, laminate, Dekton or something else? Here are the top 5 reasons on why Quartz is such a good ... (click to read more)

21 Oct 2021

How to Clean your New Stone Worktop

Ensuring you have a good cleaning routine for your worktop is key to maintaining the quality and shine of any worktop. We don’t recommend putting hot pans or cutting directly on any quartz or granite surface. Although it might not cause damage immediately on the surface of the stone, ... (click to read more)

13 Oct 2021

Can I put hot pans on my worktop?

This is the question we all want the answer to! After the long process of redecorating, the last thing anyone wants is damage their new worktop from putting hot pans on it. As a fabricator, we don’t recommend putting hot pans on any surface other than Dekton, Lapitec or Neolith. ... (click to read more)

05 Oct 2021

Quartz or Dekton?

When deciding on what material to choose for your kitchen, it is important to know what is best for you and your home. Two of the most popular choices for a kitchen worktop are Quartz and Dekton. Both are manmade, but they are manufactured in different ways resulting in ... (click to read more)

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